Executive education

As a pioneering Management School, we have a proven track record providing executive education to help organisations thrive, from SME’s and family businesses, to large international corporations.

We’ll help improve your staff’s commercial and analytical skills, and make a difference to your organisation’s strategic planning.

With the right tools at your disposal, you and your team can be at the forefront of sustainable management techniques. Our executive education programmes will help you to make a real impact and drive profitable, responsible business practice in your organisation.

Why Stirling for executive education?

  • Bespoke executive education
  • Commitment to making a difference to sustainable business
  • Connect with world leading academics

Executive education applies to all sectors, private, public or voluntary. We’ve made a positive impact through enhancing workplace performance with a large range of organisations.

Matching your business needs

We can deliver a customised executive education programme to suit your requirements. Tell us how you want your team’s skills to develop and we’ll help you achieve your goals. We’ve worked with organisations throughout the UK to provide bespoke executive education that fits your skills gaps. We’ll deliver your executive education in-house at your offices or at our campus.