Collaborate with our staff

By engaging with us on collaborative projects, contract research or bespoke consultancy, you will be able to benefit from the depth and breadth of knowledge on a particular topic that our academic staff can bring to your business.

Areas of expertise

Overarching areas

Research activities within the Management School focus around four overarching areas:

Faculty themes

Staff also work collectively across the School on the following research themes which are aligned to specific UN Sustainable Development Goals:

  • Informing Sustainable Communities
  • Transforming Consumption and Production Markets
  • Supporting Healthy Behaviours
  • Understanding Decent Work
  • Exploring Sustainable Organisations

How our staff can help

Consultancy and Research

We believe that research can, and should, make a difference. We work to maximise the impact of our expertise and our research seeks to find solutions to real world challenges. To do so, we bring together experts from across the University, the professional world, the non-profit sector and a range of partner institutions to generate new knowledge and insights and to achieve significant impact for businesses and wider society.

Our staff can bring their specialist expertise in their field and apply it directly to specific situations faced by your organisation, whether in an advisory capacity, through bespoke contract research or through longer term R&D projects where they are a dedicated member of your project team.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

The Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) scheme helps businesses in the UK to innovate and grow by embedding new skills, knowledge and expertise and applying these to a strategically important project. It does so through a three-way partnership between a Business, an Academic Institution and a KTP Associate, who typically works full time at the company. The KTP Associate is guided by the academic team (the expert knowledge base) and a company supervisor and acts as the conduit for the transfer of new skills, knowledge, and expertise to the business.

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