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Developing leaders in collaboration with STEP


STEP provides business support, advice, training and one-to-one specialist business consultancy

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We launched an exciting leadership programme in January 2017, bringing together some of Stirling’s most ambitious and innovative SME businesses, with the aim of developing leaders. Our Leadership Development Programme (LDP) is a result of a new collaboration between Stirling’s business support organisation, STEP, and the University of Stirling Management School.

LDP consists of individual coaching sessions, group workshops, guest speaker sessions and social events.

We are absolutely delighted to be partnering with the Stirling Management School. Over the past few months the project team has developed a really exciting and challenging programme and we’re really excited about the potential impact it will have on our participating leaders and the organisations where they work. We were overwhelmed with the standard of applications for LDP, demonstrating the appetite for a programme of this type.

Gordon Bell, CEO at STEP

Our Management School staff on LDP have expertise in leadership, strategy and innovation, and we focus on active learning workshops – offering insights and practical training for approaching business life differently. In between these workshops, STEP staff offer one-to-one coaching sessions with participants. Learning is also complemented by a series of short social events. From ‘ice-breaking’, to thought-provoking guest speakers, and celebrating personal development successes, these activities catalyse the learning process.

The first of the LDP series occurred between January-March 2017, with a second cohort delivered between April-June 2017. Other sessions in the Programme will take place over a two year period. LDP is fully funded by Business Gateway and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

In collaboration with STEP, we're working with a selection of the region’s current and future business leaders through this innovative new programme. The LDP allows participants to gain practical leadership insights and skills of high relevance to their daily lives. The programme will be of long term benefit to participants' organisations and the local business community, while their learning is put into practice.

Professor Dave Mackay, Director of Executive Education at Stirling Management School

What's the benefit for delegates?

  • We focus on the real, strategic challenges facing today’s business leaders, unlike traditional classroom intensive based programmes.
  • Discover your individual leadership style, as we do not promote a single ‘right’ way of leading.
  • Learn from real-life experiences and develop your personal qualities such as individual resilience, innovation, strategy and responsible leadership.
  • Find out how to lead others towards an effective delivery of an organisational strategy.
  • Inspires new ways of working and ideas.
  • Enhance your self-awareness and confidence in leadership.

What participants say

Participants completing our LDP have reported substantial personal development of their approach to leadership:

It is hard not to speak too highly of the Leadership Development Course. I felt that a considerable effort had been made by all parties involved in delivering the course to produce something that challenged participants, and was thought provoking and relevant. It was contained within a concise program schedule, which did not place too much of a time burden on those attending, many of whom would find it difficult to be away from their roles/businesses.

Craig Macfarlane, Stirling Cycle (Owner/Director)

The one to one coaching was invaluable and allowed discussions on topics that mattered to you, which might not have been included in the course.

Lauren McKellan, Dovetail Games (3D Artist)

We’re here for your business too

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