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Student projects

Do you have a business challenge/issue that you don’t have the resource, knowledge of skills to address yourself?  Then let undergraduate or postgraduate students tackle it through individual or group projects.

You’ll benefit from access to world-class education and knowledge being applied to your business. Our students get to apply what they learn in a practical setting and provide you, as the host organisation, with an outside perspective on an opportunity or problem.

Summer Consultancy projects

Access our Masters students’ diverse knowledge base and fresh recommendations on an area that is important to your future business success. You’ll get a high-quality piece of research or consultancy that could lead to commercial benefits for your organisation. Consultancy projects run during the summer months, June to August and involve a matching process to make sure you’re getting the right skills to fit your business.

Our students bring expertise in a number of areas including strategy, business growth, operations, marketing, finance, human resources, innovation, entrepreneurship, business analytics and sustainable management. One thing’s for sure, you’ll benefit from recommendations from talented students with a passion for business.

Marketing projects

Our students can help you investigate a marketing topic currently facing your organisation.  These projects run twice a year for both our final year undergraduate and Masters students over an 11 week period. You’ll come away with a report and presentation of insightful recommendations. You’ll gain students with a zest for marketing and a drive to find the best solution to your requirement. In turn, you’ll be helping students build confidence in their ability to make marketing decisions.  These projects carry a small fee of £250 to cover any direct expenses incurred by the students during their research.

Data science projects

The analysis of data to inform business decisions is vital. Our MSc Data Science for Business students can work with you over an 11 week period for your business analytics-related project. You’ll have the support you need to exploit the benefits of data analysis, making use of valuable data to back-up your business aims.

Sustainable business projects

Our MSc Strategic Sustainable Business students can support you through some of the challenges and opportunities arising from the transformative and management of sustainability within your organisation.  These group projects provide you with practice solutions to key business issues.

Innovation management projects

Our Innovation Management module allows our third year undergraduate students to help your business on a short-term micro-project. We match groups of students with local organisations to explore an aspect of innovation management, covering projects ranging from the early creative and product development stages, through to market adoption and economic development. The research may include an examination of organisational systems, structures and processes for innovative capacity, or technological forecasting and road-mapping.  

Case studies

Timings for getting involved

When projects occur:

consultancy projects 
Fourth year undergraduate
marketing group projects 
Third year undergraduate
Innovation Management
micro-projects (Sep-Oct)
MSc Data Science for
Business group projects 
MSc Marketing
group projects 
MSc Strategic Sustainable
Business group projects 

Submission dates

By early August

Undergraduate Marketing and Innovation Management project briefs submitted

By end of November

MSc Marketing, MSc Data Science for Business and MSc Strategic Sustainable Business briefs submitted

By end of December

Postgraduate Consultancy project briefs submitted

Get in touch

Engage our students on your project:

Lynn Whiteside

Employability Manager

+44 (0)1786 467418

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