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Looking to make a difference to your organisation? Challenge our students to help you develop the innovative solutions you need for your business issue or idea. You can benefit from their knowledge and fresh ideas that will make a lasting impact on your organisation.

You’ll be able to access the latest business thinking and inspiration from students learning at our world-class, globally-connected Management School. Untap their potential and gain an outside perspective on a business challenge you’re facing.

How to engage with our students

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Student projects

Gain a piece of consultancy by working with our talented undergraduate or postgraduate students.

You can access our student resource in several ways, from marketing and consultancy, to data science projects.

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We’ll help promote your paid internship opportunities and access our global talent pool. 

Looking for extra resource over the summer? We've got smart students who are eager to gain experience and can help your company grow.

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If you'd like to become involved with any of these opportunities, please make contact:

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Employability Manager

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