Stirling Network for Curriculum Studies

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About the Network

Since the turn of the millennium, and in response to global educational discourses, many education systems across the world have developed new forms of national curriculum, with an increasing focus on the centrality of the learner, the development of core competencies and the importance of teachers as school-based curriculum developers. These developments come at a time when curriculum studies has been in decline in both educational institutions such as schools and colleges (subject to formerly more prescriptive, teacher-proof curricula), and as an academic field of study within universities. This means that new approaches to developing curricular policy and practice are occurring when there is a decline in the system capacity needed to fully maximise new policy intentions.

The Network aims to build understanding and to influence curriculum development at a number of inter-related levels:

  • The supra-level: to enhance understandings of the often contradictory and competing global discourses (e.g. OECD, European Union) that drive and shape curricular policy within and between nation states.
  • The macro-level: to feed into, influence and shape the processes whereby curricular policy is developed within nation states and other educational jurisdictions.
  • The meso-level: to develop fuller understanding of system dynamics in educational jurisdictions, and to help build capacity for system-wide curriculum development that reflects educational purposes.
  • The micro-level: to increase understanding of the processes through which curriculum is enacted in schools and other educational institutions and contexts, and to build capacity at this level for curriculum revisioning and development.
  • The nano-level: to understand curriculum as experienced by children, young people and adult learners, and to promote practices that take the needs of learners and communities into account.

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The team

Our Curriculum Network complements the work of the research groups in the Faculty of Social Sciences, and also involves members from other universities as well as policy makers, policy developers, practitioners and other interested stakeholders. 

Professor Mark Priestley
Director of the Stirling Network for Curriculum Studies, Professor of Education and Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences

Professor Fiona Copland
Professor of TESOL and Associate Dean for Research and Knowledge Exchange in the Faculty of Social Sciences

Professor Walter Humes
Honorary Professor

Dr Greg Mannion
Senior Lecturer

Dr Marina Shapira

Dr Joe Smith

Dr Dalene Swanson
Senior Lecturer

The Network will be advised by an international advisory group comprising senior policymakers and policy developers, and international curriculum scholars from other universities.

Alan Armstrong
Strategic Director at Education Scotland

Professor Gert Biesta
Professor of Education and Director of Research in the Department of Education (Brunel University, London)

Dr Kathy Hibbert
Associate Professor and Director of the Interdisciplinary Centre for Research in Curriculum as a Social Practice in the Faculty of Education (Western University, Canada)

Kenneth Muir
Chief Executive of the General Teaching Council for Scotland

Nienke Nieveen
Senior curriculum researcher at the Netherlands Institute for Curriculum Development

Professor Anne Phelan
Professor of Curriculum and Pedagogy (University of British Columbia) ‌

Professor Stavroula Philippou
Assistant Professor in Curriculum and Teaching at the Department of Education (University of Cyprus)

Professor Ninni Wahlström
Professor of Education (Linnaeus University, Sweden)

Professor Dominic Wyse
Professor of Early Childhood and Primary Education (University College London)

Professor Lyn Yates
Foundation Professor of Curriculum (University of Melbourne)

News and events

Below you will find the latest news and events for the Stirling Curriculum Network.

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Issue 1: The Stirling Network for Curriculum Studies newsletter can be downloaded here

18 August 2016: Director of the Stirling Network for Curriculum Studies on the Network launch 

Upcoming events

The Network will host a series of high-profile events, directed at senior policymakers, policy developers, practitioners and academics. 

On 26th October 2017, 23rd November 2017 and 16th January 2018, the Stirling Network will host events organised as part of the Scottish College for Educational Leadership (SCEL) Excellence in Headship programme. The events will focus on raising the capacity of experienced head teachers in curriculum development. The events taking place will be as follows:

  1. Curriculum: Theory and Practice
  2. School-based curriculum development
  3. Curriculum evaluation

More information