Children garden planting.

Our children's voices

Outdoor learning

Federica: ‘E., why do you think the butterfly is not flying away yet?’

E.: 'Maybe she feels a little nervous.' (E., 3 year olds)

'I think that a squirrel lives in the tree. The little snail is wide awake.' (E., 3 year olds)

Sarah: ‘What do you like about being outside?’

'Jumping in muddy puddles. You play with your friends.' (A., 4 years old)

'My best is going under the trees.' (J., 4 years old)

'It’s fun, I like hide and seek; there’s lots of hiding places outside.' (F., 4 year olds)

'Yellow! It is an outside colour.' (G., 4 year olds)

Child examining butterfly on her arm

Group of small children in a classroom sitting round a teacher as she explains something

Emotional wellbeing

“Music has lines” (K., 3 year old)

“Music is up and straight across” (F., 4 year old)

Small children building with pebbles and pieces of wood

Exploratory play

'Cows do not live in the jungle.'

'Snakes eat mice too.'

'Pterodactyls eat fish.'(B., 3 year olds)

Children playing in the Psychology Kindergarten

Science and mathematical concepts

Water Cycle

'The water goes up to the surface, when the sun comes up, it sucks up all the rain and then in snow time, it snows too.' (A., 3 year olds)