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Funding entitlement

We are pleased to announce that the Psychology Kindergarten is now a funded provider nursery, which means that from August 2019 we will be working in close partnership with Stirling Council to deliver the 1140 funding entitlement.

All children aged 3 - 5 years old are entitled to government-funded placements where they are offered 1140 hours of free childcare spread over the year. You'll find more information below on how to use the funded hours with us from August 2019.

How to use your entitlement

As part of the phase 3 of the expansion, we have chosen to run as third model, spreading the 1140-hour entitlement over 37.6 weeks per year. This means that on the term after your child has turned 3,  you can access up to 6 hours and 5 minutes of government-funded childcare per day for 37.6 weeks per year at our setting.

What being a partner nursery means

To become a council partner nursery, we had to meet certain criteria and have gone through a rigorous procurement process. We deliver exactly the same curriculum as the local authority nurseries and are inspected by the same officers. Being a partner allows us to have access to a nursery teacher provided by the local authority each term. The staff benefit from training events and network meetings provided by the council, which help us ensure a high quality provision.

Contact us

For any queries please contact the Psychology Kindergarten Manager, Federica Caruso.

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