Latest stories from the University of Stirling

Coastal acidification is causing oysters to shrink, study finds

An oyster species found in the waters of Australia and New Zealand is getting smaller due to coastal acidification, according to a new University of Stirling study.


Breakthrough in battle to rid salmon of sea lice

A project involving the University of Stirling and two leading fish farms has reached a major milestone in its drive to tackle sea lice in salmon.

Ballan wrasse

New study into impact of climate change on Arctic marine life

New research involving the University of Stirling is seeking to understand how climate change is affecting the biological clock of ecologically important species in the Arctic Ocean.

Arctic Ocean

Urgent action on risks to aquaculture workers needed, study finds

Health and safety within the global aquaculture industry is widely overlooked – despite the sector posing a great risk to workers, according to University of Stirling-led research.

Andrew Watterson

Stirling’s new aquaculture link with Chinese university

A new agreement between the Universities of Stirling and Ningbo, in China, will see aquaculture staff and students share knowledge and collaborate on research and teaching projects.

Professor Herve Migaud and Professor Chun-Lin Wang sign agreement