Paramedic Science application interview scenario test

Thank you for expressing an interest in studying Paramedic Science at the University of Stirling! We are looking forward to hearing about you and the following information will explain our process for selection.

We have a values-based process to ensure future paramedics have qualities and behaviours aligned to the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC), National Health Service (NHS) and the University of Stirling.

As you are applying for Paramedic Science please read the HCPC Standards of Conduct, Performance and Ethics.

Please ensure that you read through all of this webpage before you begin, as it is a requirement that you follow these instructions precisely and within the timescales advised.

Your Task

As part of your application, we require you to create and submit a ten-minute video on the questions and scenarios we have outlined below, which will be reviewed by staff within the Faculty of Health Sciences.

If you have applied for a Nursing course and the Paramedic Science course and if your application proceeds to stage 2, you follow the two different interview processes.

All information will be handled and stored in line with University and professional guidelines relating to confidentiality, as well as GDPR principles.

What you need to include in your video

You are required to create and submit a short video on the following questions and scenarios:

Question 1

  • What are your expectations of studying Paramedic Science at the University of Stirling? (Within your answer explore the HCPC Standards of Conduct, Performance and Ethics )
  • What are your expectations of the role of a paramedic after graduation? (Within your answer explore the HCPC Standards of Conduct, Performance and Ethics)
  • How does your previous experience prepare you for this?

Question 2

You notice a post on your social media feed which has been posted by another student paramedic that you know. It mentions an incident that has occurred whilst on placement, naming the ambulance station, which places an ambulance clinician and a fellow student in a bad light.  

  • What are your thoughts about this situation and why? 
  • What would you do in this situation and why? 
  • Would you inform anyone? 
  • Would you approach your fellow student to offer support?

Question 3

You are working on an ambulance and have responded to a patient in their 30s.  The patient’s beliefs prevent them from being assessed and treated without their partner being present. Their partner will be able to meet them at the hospital.   

  • What do you think are the key issues?  
  • What action(s) might you take in this situation? 
  • Do you consider patient choice and preference a priority and how do you think you might be able to ensure safety for the patient and staff?  

How to structure your video

At the start of your video, you will be required to hold proof of your photographic ID up to the camera so we can confirm your identity by comparing this against the identification you have uploaded via your applicant portal. If you have not already uploaded identification to your applicant portal, you must do this now and this should be as follows.

  • Photographic ID (e.g. Passport, Driving Licence with photograph);
  • Proof of Address – must be dated within 12 months (e.g. front page of utility bill, mobile phone bill, bank statement);
  • Birth Certificate;
  • Proof of Immigration status (if applicable, Home Office letter, Valid visa page);
  • Marriage Certificate (if applicable);
  • Divorce Certificate (if applicable);
  • Academic Qualification Certificates (for those qualifications already gained).

To activate your account you need to go to our Portal and enter your student number and date of birth. You will then be able to access the Portal directly or via the My Portal link at the top of our website.

At the start of your video, you must read the following statement to the camera before you begin your response to the scenario:

"My name is [your name], my student number is [your student number] and my date of birth is [your date of birth]. Here is my photo ID" (hold ID To camera for 5 seconds and ensure it is not blurry).

You should then answer the 3 questions above clearly outlining what questions you are answering to the camera:

Question 1: My expectation of studying Paramedic Science at the University of Stirling is... (give your answer to the camera)

In my opinion, the expectations of the roles of a paramedic is... (give your answer to the camera)

My previous experience prepares me for this... (give your answer to the camera)

Question 2: My answer to the scenario is... (give your answer to the camera)

Question 3: My answer to the scenario is...  (give your answer to the camera)

Your video should be no longer than 10 minutes and instructions for sharing this are below. You should ensure that you give adequate time to answer the 3 parts above and we would advise you to aim for 3 minutes for each. Your video and the assessment of your answers will be stopped at the 10-minute mark whether it has ended or not. If you have any issues or queries, email us at and we will respond as soon as possible.

How to submit your video to us

You will have received an email from us which will state the submission date that you need to send us your video by. If we do not receive your video by the date advised, we will withdraw your application.

Ensure you review your video to ensure it meets all the criteria outlined above and only submit your final version when you are sure it is complete.

You need to submit your video to us via Microsoft One Drive (due to the size of your video you will be unable to email this directly to the University as an attachment). If you already have One Drive then upload your video there and then follow our instructions on how to share the video with us. If you do not have One Drive then follow our instructions on how to set up One Drive. Ensure that you have set up your OneDrive well in advance of your submission date so there are no issues with sending the link to us.

How to set up One Drive

  • Go to the Microsoft One Drive website
  • Select the option ‘Sign up for free’
  • Select Create a Microsoft account
  • Type in your email address and a password you wish to use then click ‘next’
  • You will then receive a verification code which you will be required to enter to create your account
  • Once you've verified your account then you will have your own One Drive

How to share a video with us on One Drive

  • Go to the Microsoft One Drive website
  • Select the option ‘Sign In’
  • Click on ‘My files’ tab on the left-hand side corner
  • Click ‘Upload’ followed by ‘Files’
  • Select the video file you wish to upload followed by ‘Open’
  • Once this is done the video will add to your files showing a message ‘Uploaded 1 item to My file’ on the left-hand side corner
  • Click on the video followed by ‘Share’ on the left-hand side corner
  • Click ‘Anyone with this link can view this item’. Do not set a password or an expiration date
  • In the ‘email address’ box enter In the message box,  make sure you include your full name, date of birth and student number. After this is done, click ‘Share’.

If you are having difficulties with the process, do get in touch via email to and our admissions staff will be able to assist you.

What happens after you submit your video

A team of staff, clinicians and service users will view your recording and decide about your suitability for the BSc Paramedic Science. If you applied via UCAS, you will be able to see on your UCAS Hub if you have been successful or not once your video has been reviewed. If you applied directly, you will see this on your applicant portal. Due to the volume of applicants, we will be unable to provide feedback.

If you no longer wish to continue with your application, email requesting that we withdraw your application.