MyProgress ePAD

The Faculty of Health Sciences and Sport's award-winning nursing course is approved by the Nursing and Midwifery Council, and prepares our nursing students to join a health and social care team upon graduation.

The University of Stirling always strive to provide the best experience for our students, and as part of this we are introducing the online ePAD system with MyProgress. 

The ePAD will make it easier for students to complete and submit placement documentation, keep track of placement hours and log essential skills certificates. The fully online system also makes it easier for Practice Assessors and Practice Supervisors to sign off students' documentation.

What is MyProgress ePAD?

MyProgress ePAD is an online platform which enables students to complete their entire Practice Assessment Document (PAD), gain valuable feedback and obtain sign-off in practice, electronically. 

MyProgress ePAD is predominantly accessed online, however, it is also accompanied by a mobile app version enabling students, and practice assessors and practice supervisors to complete assessments and documentations offline on a mobile phone. This is particularly useful where there is limited access to a desktop computer, laptop or Wi-Fi signal.


What are the benefits of using MyProgress ePAD?

  • Increased communication and engagement between academic assessors in the University and students/practice assessors and practice supervisors.
  • Students can easily view assessments and documentation which are due for completion, as well as up to date totals of hours completed in placement so far, making it easier to complete these throughout placement and reducing the paperwork to completed at the end of placement.
  • Wifi or internet access is not required in clinical area. Devices will sync when wifi and internet is available again, for example when a student returns home
  • Practice Assessors/Supervisors have access to their own portal and student assessment, providing them with anytime access to these records.
  • Email-verified sign-off of assessments and hours improves the records and verification process.

MyProgress training

We have scheduled training prior to the introduction of the system for all roles which will be using the system; students, practice assessors/supervisors, academic assessors and personal tutors.

As Practice assessors/supervisors we encourage you to attend a scheduled session however are aware that not everyone can attend. Review the videos and material below and if you have any questions please drop us an email on

If you are unable to attend the scheduled training, you can view instructional videos relating to your role below, or view the downloadable training guides.

Training resources