Cancer care research centre

The Cancer Care Research Group (CCRG), led by Dr Susanne Cruickshank is a growing group of nurses, health researchers, doctoral students and clinically based health professionals. Working collaboratively they seek to influence policy and healthcare decisions through research that focuses on how people live well with and beyond cancer.

The following research areas encapsulate current work and future capacity building in this area:

  1. Developing and evaluating complex interventions in clinical settings; specifically addressing areas of concern such as fear of the cancer recurring, its impact on an individual and access to wider services.
  2. Systematic appraisals of evidence to inform policy and future research, which includes supportive care, well-being, cancer and co-morbidities, and nursing roles.
  3. Mechanisms to improve the lives of people affected by cancer through effective translation of research into clinical practice.

The group are influential in the field of cancer locally, nationally and internationally and have strong links with other institutions, government, industry, the charity sector and health care providers. The group publishes widely in peer-reviewed journals as well as nursing practice and lay publications. We’re keen to build our capacity through working with visiting professors and expanding our grant portfolio.

Research projects


To assess whether it is acceptable and deliverable to introduce the Mini-AFTER (a bespoke intervention to address fears associated with recurrence in cancer patients) for people with moderate levels of fear of recurrence to specialist breast care nurses who would deliver the intervention.


To determine the feasibility and acceptability of open access, online information and education to carers and care workers who support conditions like cancer alongside other co-morbidities such as dementia.