MSc Psychology of Sport

February 2021 Induction Schedule

Induction schedule
Column one is the sessions available and a description, column two is the dates that they will be available, column three is the starting time, column four is the ending time, column five lists the location.
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Welcome to Stirling!

Congratulations on gaining a place to study at Stirling. Watch our short presentations from our staff and students welcoming you and talking about some of the highlights of the programme.

This is a pre-recorded online induction that can be watched at any time.

1 February 2021     Online

Find your way around online Stirling!

Watch this presentation on how to navigate around the portal, canvas and the services we offer here at Stirling!

This is a pre-recorded online induction that can be watched at any time.

1 February 2021     Online

Welcome to the Psychology of Sport!

Join us live to meet the Programme Director, Dr John Mathers, and hear all about our programme. This 1-hour live broadcast will tell you all about the Programme’s structure, main features and will allow you to gain a feel for what will be expected of students on this BPS accredited course. The broadcast will allow students to engage in an on-line live chat opportunity.

1 February 2021 12:00 13:00 Online 

PGT Transitions

Join Dr Pete Coffee for a session that will outline the keys to a successful transition from UG to PG study. This 30 minute live broadcast will allow you to plan your teaching and learning activities in a way that will allow you the best chance of success.

2 February 2021 12:15 12:45 Online

Programme Content

This 1-hour session will allow you to meet the coordinators of modules that form the MSc Psychology of Sport programme. Each member of staff will outline the content, assessment and delivery of their module, show how it complies with the BPS requirements and highlight each module’s key employability features. The broadcast will allow students to engage in an on-line live chat opportunity.

2 February 2021 13:00 14:00 Online

Academic practice in the Faculty of Health Sciences and Sport

This 1-hour session will be delivered by Dr Neils Vollard (Chief Examiner, Sport) and will outline the systems and processes around assessment and feedback. You will find out how to submit work for assessment and be made aware of the requirements of good academic practice.

3 February 2021  11:00 12:00 Online 

Progression to the World of Work

Join Dr Chris Hartley for a short presentation on how you can enhance your employability prospects after you have completed the MSc course. This session will outline the importance of networking, knowledge dissemination and gathering relevant experiences as you prepare for work in the sport psychology sector.

3 February 2021   12:15  12:45 Online

Developing a sense of community

Join Dr Robert Morris and your fellow students in a ‘Meet and Greet’ session that will allow you to build relationships with your fellow learners.  Building a supportive student environment will allow you to deepen your learning networks, exchange ideas and broaden your personal and professional horizons. It should be fun…!

3 February 2021   13:00   Online

Drop in for a chat?

Join the Programme Director for a live drop-in session, where you can ask any questions that may have emerged from the induction programme.  This 45- minute session gives you the chance to clarify any issues connected to academic content, awards and progression to the world of world or future studies.

This is a pre-recorded online induction that can be watched at any time.

4 February 2021 12:00  12:45 Online 

Social event - QUIZ!

Join Dr John Mathers and some of the teaching staff for an informal quiz event that is designed to test your knowledge on a range of general knowledge topics. The quiz will simply be a chance for you to interact with staff and students and increase your feel for the on-line delivery methods that will be a central part of the MSc teaching and learning in the spring semester.

4 February 2021 13:00   Online

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Preparatory reading

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