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BA Hons Translation and Interpreting

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Students should complete online enrolment before arrival. To collect your student ID card you must present passports/visas at this time.

Mon 2 Sep 09:00


2B41 Cottrell Building

Welcome Session

Professor Neville Wylie, Deputy Principal (Internationalisation), Dean of Faculty Professor Richard Oram and staff from the Faculty will be presenting along with an introduction from the Stirling Students' Union.

Mon 2 Sep 11:00 12:00 C1/C2 Pathfoot Building

Discover Stirling

You'll work in teams competing to solve cryptic clues which will help you to locate lots of different things on our beautiful campus.


Mon 2 Sep 14:00 14:30 D1 Pathfoot Building

WiFi set up session

Get your laptops, tablets and phones connected to WiFi with help from our IT staff.

Students need to set up Eduroam before the session.

Tue 3 Sep

09:30 Group1

10:00 Group2

10:30 Group3

11:00 Group4


Introducing Division of Literature and Languages

Students will receive a formal welcome from Heads of Division, Dr Bethan Benwell/Dr Adrian Hunter. This event introduces you to our division and the academic/administrative staff. It will also introduce our academic writing Fellow at the Faculty and will let you know how to contact the appropriate person when you have questions.

Tuesday 3 September 12:00  12.30  2A9/2A11 Cottrell Building

Team Building and Team Working

Our Faculty careers officer, Elaine Watson, will run this session. Successful teams consist of people with diverse skills and ways of working. Understanding this helps you become an effective team-member and leader. This session will help you to understand your classmates better, how you can work effectively together, and how to give positive feedback to your group members. Effective working relationships are essential in studying and business.  You will participate in a combination of indoor and outdoor activities, specifically designed to help you understand the importance of working as part of a team

Tue 3 Sep 13:00  15:00  2A9/2A11 Cottrell Building

Career Skills

It is never too soon to start thinking about the next step.  This brief overview will introduce you to the career support available to you when seeking employment or further study

Wed 4 Sep 10:00  11:00 C1/C2 Pathfoot Building

Use and Management of References in Academic Writing

To be a successful student you must meet your programme’s academic standards. This session will enhance your writing skills and you will learn what is meant by plagiarism and how to avoid it.

Wed 4 Sep 11:30  12:30  C1/C2 Pathfoot Building

Making Friends (Buddy Scheme)

You'll be introduced to the benefits of building the buddy scheme with students studying French/Spanish, English Studies, and Religion.

Wed 4 Sep 13:00  13:30 C1/C2 Pathfoot Building

Interpreting Modules

This session will introduce how we teach interpreting modules at Stirling:

  • What do we expect from you in terms of independent study
  • How should you prepare for interpreting sessions and exams
Wed 4 Sep 14:00  15:00 C1/C2 Pathfoot Building

Personal Tutor Scheme

This section introduces the role of a personal tutor and how to help students feel part of the Stirling University community. This gives guidance on the student’s first formal points of contact for general academic guidance and pastoral support.

Thu 5 Sep 10:00  10:15 C1/C2 Pathfoot Building 

HNU Stirling Programme Overview

This event introduces you to all 10 modules and August Research Events that you will study or attend at Stirling. It briefs you about the teaching methods, module outlines, and assignment structures of each module. It also offers advice on the difference between Chinese universities and UK universities in terms of teaching methods, expectations, assignments and more.

Thu 5 Sep 10:15  11:00  C1/C2 Pathfoot Building

Introduction to Practice Translation Modules

This event will introduce you how we teach practical translation modules at Stirling and explore how to complete your translation tasks and how to write a translation commentary.

Thu 5 Sep 11:30  12:30  C1/C2 Pathfoot Building 

Introduction to critical thinking and writing a reflective report

This session introduces the key concepts behind critical thinking, how to integrate them into written work, and explains how to write a reflective report.

Thu 5 Sep 13:00  14:00  C1/C2 Pathfoot Building 

How to write an essay

Most of the exams are sit-in exams and don’t require academic writing skills. This section will introduce how to write and structure an essay.

Fri 6 Sep 10:00  11:00 C1/C2 Pathfoot Building 

Communication Skills

You have a voice, you have opinions and you have a valuable contribution to make. This session will help you understand different ways of communicating and will help you gain the confidence to speak out in a public forum.

Fri 6 Sep 11:30  13:00 C1/C2 Pathfoot Building 

Networking Skills

Meeting new people can be nerve-wracking; these sessions are designed to give you the confidence to introduce yourself and make conversation with people unfamiliar to you.

Fri 6 Sep 14:00  15:30 C1/C2 Pathfoot Building 

Library induction tours

Check out the Library, meet our friendly Library staff and find out all about the services and facilities on offer. Choose the time which suits you best.

Sun 8 Sep

10am, 11am, 1pm, 2pm or 3pm


Essential Student Guide to Library and IT Services

Learn all about the Library and IT services at Stirling including how to print/copy, student email and using the Library. Join one of our sessions.

Mon 9 Sep





Lecture Theatre B4, Cottrell Building

Check out all the Welcome Week events taking place at the University

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