RSE Workshop 2

Workshop 2: At the door of the church? Research and carved stones at ecclesiastical sites

Image of RSE Workshop 2

1 May 2015, Govan Old Church, Glasgow

This workshop invited together for the first time church organizations, curators and researchers. We sought to understand historical and curatorial issues for carved stones from each other’s perspectives and identify what research is necessary, desirable, and possible.

How many carved stones and of what types are in Church care? What are effective methods of protecting and displaying carved stones in church/former church or churchyard settings? How vulnerable are loose stones (which largely fall between designations/organizational responsibilities)? How does the redundancy of churches threaten carved stones in or outside churches/manses once they pass into private ownership? Just how important are carved stones at churches to understanding artistic, social, political, economic and technological developments in Scotland?

A summary of the workshop's findings can be found here: Workshop 2 Report

We invite you to contribute to developing a relevant source list here: Bibliography of carved stones at ecclesiastical sites

Please contact Dr Sally Foster for further information.