Dr Phia Steyn

Lecturer in African Environmental History

DrPhiaSteyn ‌I specialise in African environmental history with a research focus on Southern Africa and West Africa since 1945, though in some cases my research does go back into the nineteenth century as well as extent to South America. My teaching specialization is in the political, economic and environmental history of Africa in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

 My research interests include:

  • The environmental impact of apartheid in South Africa, 1948-1994
  • Environmental crises in the Orange Free State republic in the 1890s
  • Traditional foodways in Southern Africa
  • Oil-related environmental struggles in West Africa (and South America)
  • The history of oil in Nigeria
  • Colonial environmental history of Africa
  • The environmental impact of conflict and war in independent Africa.

See my publications here.

E-mail: m.s.steyn@stir.ac.uk

Telephone: +44 (0)1786 467574