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1st Year Modules

Please see the table below for the core modules you will take in your first year and follow the links for more detailed information.

Accounting and Finance

Accountancy ACCU9A1 ACCU9A2    
Finance ACCU9A1 ECNU111 ACCU9A2 ECNU112


Economics ECNU111 ECNU112

Management, Work & Organisation

Business Studies MGTU9S1 MGTU9S2
Human Resource Management MGTU9S1 MGTU9S2
Management MGTU9S1 MGTU9S2
Sports Business Management MGTU9S1 MGTU9S2
Sustainable Events Management MGTU9S1 MGTU9S2

Marketing and Retail

Marketing MGTU9S1 MGTU9S2
Retail Marketing MGTU9S1 MGTU9S2
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