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Members of the Marketing and Retail Division have wide-ranging research interests, as summarised below.  For more details on their research and publications, please see their profiles on the Research Management System by clicking on their names.

Staff name Research interest
Professor Steve Burt Retailing, retail internationalisation, retail branding, structural change in the retail industry
Mr Eric Calderwood Retailing, rural retailing, community co-operatives
Dr Keri Davies Retail, Retail change in the Pacific Area, marketing strategy
Dr Ian Fillis Small business marketing, arts marketing
Professor Paul Freathy       Retailing, airport retailing, rural retailing
Dr Michael Healy Consumer behaviour, zoomorphism, consumer tribes
Dr Dimitrios Kolyperas Sports marketing, sports retailing
Dr George Maglaras Retailer-supplier relationships; supply chains, food supply chains
Dr Carol McKenzie Retail
Dr Gary Sinclair Consumer communities, sociology, consumer behaviour, music consumption, ethical consumption
Professor Leigh Sparks Retail , supply chains, consumer landscapes
Professor Julie Tinson Consumer Behaviour, marketing strategy, children as consumers, ritual consumption, retail planning policy
Dr Markus Wohlfeil Consumer Behaviour, film tourism, fandom experiential consumption
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