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Seminars and workshops

The Management, Work and Organisation Seminar Series bring together scholars from the MWO Division and beyond with the aim to foster academic discussion and knowledge exchange on ongoing research. 

Previous seminars and workshops

Date Name Title
29/11/2017 Sasha Hird-Saunders Understanding self-presentation in the careers of women lawyers in Scotland
18/10/2017 Jenoah Joseph I want to pick my own group.  The impact of group selection method on performance and student experience
04/10/2017 Pia Faeth How do you fear?  Examining expatriates' perception of danger and its consequences
20/09/2017 Professor Paul Thompson  Why the big picture matters to work and employment research: some lessons from the disconnected capitalism thesis 
19/04/2017 Dr Linda Perriton Equality. Diversity. Invisibility? A survey of the undergraduate management curriculum
22/03/2017 Dr Adelina Broadbridge Gender and the Deployment of emotion management techniques in the Thai spa industry
08/03/2017 Dr Tom Forbes and Professor Robin Fincham Institutional Maintenance as Secrecy: The Dirty Work of Doping in Professional Cycling
28/02/2017 Ishani Erasmus Make an impact at Holyrood: how you can engage with the Scottish Parliament and why you should
25/01/2017 Craig Anderson Extending Behavioural Economics to Human Resource Management 
23/11/2016 Dr Belgin Okay-Somerville A Strategic Human Resource Management Perspective to Graduate Overqualification 
09/11/2016 Dr Tasos Hadjisolomou Informal hierarchies and platforms of negotiation for order and attendance on the food retail shop floor 
05/10/2016 Dr Swapnesh Masrani Managing Tata Steel from 1909 to 1932 
21/09/2016 Professor Thomas Haipeter
University of Duisburg-Essen
German Employers’ Associations and the Coordinated Market Economy: Structures, Strategies and Developments  
24/05/2016 Muhammad Burdbar Khan Whither Human Resource Management (HRM) in International Development?: Exploring HRM in MicroFinance Banking industry in Pakistan 
10/05/2016 Professor John Bowers Reducing the length of postnatal hospital stay: implications for cost and quality of care 
12/04/2016 Unang Mulkhan The orchestra of complexity: exploring ethical organisational behaviour in the Indonesian Mining Industry 
29/03/2016 Professor Ron McQuaid Reducing economic inactivity – some directions in policy innovation in Northern Ireland 
22/03/2016 Professor Stephen Ackroyd 
Honorary Professor, University of Stirling
Struggle at Work: Reflections on the Lack of Violence 
16/03/2016  Dr Alireza Khorakian
Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Iran
Iran in transition and the role of innovation management 
15/03/2016 Professor Yiannis Gabriel
University of Bath
Nostalgia old and new - Contrasting the sentimental with the xenophobic faces of nostalgia 
01/03/2016 Dr Tom Forbes and 
Professor Robin Fincham
The role of rhetoric and counter-rhetoric under institutional complexity: micro-politics in a mental health case study 
16/02/2016 Professor Robert Chia
University of Glasgow
How can University-based Business Schools remain seats of 'Higher' learning and still contribute effectively to Business? 
02/02/2016 Dr Knut Laaser The Times They Are A-Changin’: Moral economy and bank worker and customers relations under Performance Management Systems 
08/12/2015   Micro-Foundations of Routines and Dynamic Capabilities: Republican of Organisational Routines as a Social Practice
24/11/2015 Professor Andrew Barron  Bringing Trust into Foreign Location Choices 
10/11/2015   Drawing conclusions on creative career management - the exploration of the micro level practices and strategies 
27/10/2015 Dr Lila Skountridaki Selective Resistance: Doctors, NPM and the Greek National Health Hospital Service 
22/10/2015 Dr Caroline Lancelot-Miltgen
Audencia Nantes School of Management
Exploring information privacy regulation, risks, trust and behaviour 
13/10/2015 Professor George Burt Managed Openness, Negative Capability and Scenario Planning 
29/09/2015 Dr Suzanne Mawson Drivers of Migration for Transnational Entrepreneurs 
15/09/2015   Completing the Circle: The opportunities in Organizational Behaviour Engaging with Behavioural Economics.  
15/07/2015  Seperia Wanyama Where you search determines what you find: Research path dependency and the effect of bibliographic databases in HRM 
16/06/2015 Professor Walter Scherrer
University of Salzburg, Austria
Technology and Socio-economic Development in the long run: A 'Long Wave' -Perspective 
02/06/2015 Professor Paul Mills
University of California, San Diego
The promises and failures of the biomedical literature 
19/05/2015 Dr Adelina Broadbridge Women retail directors' career success stories 
05/05/2015 Dr Tom Forbes and
Professor Robin Fincham
Three's a Crowd: The Role of Inter-logic Relationships in Highly Complex Institutional Fields 
07/04/2015 Professor Alex Wood Tips on getting an ESRC grant and key findings from 'The Person in Context: How the Individual Interacts with their Socio-Economic Environment' 
17/03/2015 Christine Wilson Cultural differences in learning: an analysis of Chinese postgraduate Marketing students' expectations and experience 
03/03/2015  Aleksandra Webb The impact of 'organic' and 'inorganic' changes on the cultural leadership: the case of Scottish cultural sector 
17/02/2015  Christopher Ball Environmental Entrepreneurs and Incumbent Technologies: A comparative study of perceptions across three countries 
03/02/2015 Professor George Burt Strategic foresight, learning and hyperopia
20/01/2015 Dr Alireza Khorakian
Ferdowsi University of Mashhad
A framework for assessing innovation capability through system dynamics approach 
13/01/2015 Professor Ronald McQuaid  Employment and disadvantaged parents in Scotland - review of the Working for Families Fund 
16/12/2014 Dr Suzanne Mawson Exploring rapid firm growth: customer perceived value in high growth firms 
25/11/2014 Professor William Webster 
Charles Leleux
The sale of electoral registers in Scotland: implications for privacy, data protection and citizenship
Date Name Affiliation Title
30/04/2014 Dr Balihar Sanghera University of Kent Moral economy and social theory: understanding lay normativity, moral concerns, suffering and inequalities
31/03/2014 Dr Ioannis C. Thanos University of Glasgow Adam Smith Business School CEO Risk-taking propensity and the quality of strategic decisions: Effects of living on the wild side
27/11/2013 Professor Bill Cooke Lancaster University Management School What Kurt Lewin said at New Britain 1946 and why it matters
19/11/2013 Professor Jan Karlsson Karlstad University An analysis of organisational misbehaviour and resistance in workplaces
26/09/2013 Professor Mary Barrett University of Wollongong 'It doesn't explain everything; it doesn't explain nothing': the effect of gender and communication style on women's career advancement
17/04/2013 Dr Fuschia Sirois University of Windsor Canada Procrastination 
03/04/2013 Professor Colin Bennett University of Victoria The Politics of Privacy and the Privacy of Politics: Voter Surveillance in Western Democracies
27/02/2013 Mary Ann Beyster Foundation for Enterprise Development, San Diego What does it mean to be an owner?  Research Seminar and Film Premier 'We The Owners'
04/10/2012 Richard Holloway Royal Society of Edinburgh From Symphonies to Sudoku: Boredom and the Creative Imagination
19/09/2012 David Wright Trilateral Research and Consulting LLP Scottish Privacy Forum: The State of the Art in Privacy Impact Assessment
Kerr Donaldson ATOS Scottish Privacy Forum: Privacy Impact Assessment: Downstream from Policy
Maureen Falconer Information Commissioner's Office Scottish Privacy Forum: The ICO Anonymisation Code of Practice
18/09/2012 Professor John Taylor Glasgow Caledonian University Privacy and Surveillance in an Era of Information Intensity
04/12/2012 Professor Gerard Hastings Institute for Social Marketing 'The Marketing Matrix' - Public Book Launch
12/03/2012 Professor Agnes Nairn EM Lyon Business School, France 'People think you're awesome if you've got a Ferrari!' - Materialism, inequality and childhood wellbeing
01/03/2012 Ben Twist Director, Creative Carbon Scotland Creativity and Climate Change
17/01/2012 Sara Grainger Scottish Government Scottish Privacy Forum: An Analytical Data Linkage Framework for Scotland
Ganka Mueller and Kirsty MacLachlan National Records of Scotland Scottish Privacy Forum: An Analytical Data Linkage Framework for Scotland
Professor Hector MacQueen Scottish Law Commission Scottish Privacy Forum: Information, Law and Society
29/11/2011 Malida Mooken University of Stirling Creative Space: Dialogues on Creativity and Engagement Workshop
02/11/2011   Scottish Government Digital Marketing Workshop
29/09/2011     Independent Alcohol Strategy Steering Group - Inaugural Meeting
22/09/2011 Dr Ermanno C Tortia University of Trento A new perspective on the potentials and limitations of cooperative firms
07/09/2011 NHS Health Scotland/Nursing and Midwifery/ISM   Logic Model Workshop
31/08/2011 Professor Mike Daube Curtin University, W Australia   Alcohol and public health: what can we learn from the Australian experience? Workshop
07/07/2011 Dr Lee Martin Nottingham University Business School Creativity and Creative Behaviour
22/06/2011 Dr Gillian Black University of Edinburgh Scottish Privacy Forum: Super-injunctions: North/South Divide? 
Jason Wassell Engaging Issues Ltd Scottish Privacy Forum: Social Networking
Professor Charles Raab University of Edinburgh Scottish Privacy Forum: The Right to be Forgotten
16/06/2011 Alex Neil MSP Minister for Housing and Communities, Scotland Seminar on Housing Policy
19/05/2011 Dr Fabrizio Montanari University of Modena and Reggio Emilia Attraction and Retention of Creative Talents: the Case of a Dance Company
19/04/2011 Dr Carol A Bryant University of South Florida Community-Based Social Marketing Approaches
07/04/2011 Professor Ann Markusen University of Minnesota Creative Placemaking: Prospects for Participation and Inclusion
01/04/2011 Dr Adelina Broadbridge (SMS) and Sandra Corlett (BAM) University of Stirling and BAM Gender in Management Special Interest Group and Identity Special Interest Group
01/03/2011     Exploring Scottish Food Cultures Workshop
24/11/2010 Dr Colin Dey SMS, University of Stirling Social Accounting as a Social Movement
17/11/2010 Ms Doyin Atewlogun Cranfield University The Smallest Impact: Micro-episodes and the Identities of Senior Minority Ethnic Men and Women at Work
10/11/2010 Eoghan Mackie Chief Executive, Challenges Worldwide Corporate Volunteering in Social Enterprises in Africa
13/10/2010 Mr Zyama Ciupijus Leeds University Business School Temporary Labour Migration Through a Prism of Institutional Actors' Involvement: A Study of Ethical Uncertainties
11/05/2010 Professor Tara Fenwick SoE, University of Stirling Exploring Links with Education around Professional Identity
28/04/2010 Dr Abigail Marks Heriot-Watt University Interests and Identities at Work: Determining Behaviours in the Employment Relationship
26/04/2010 Dr Alan Murray University of Sheffield Workshop on Developing Ethical and Sustainable Management Education
Dr Carol Parkers Aston Business School
Dr Jon Burchell University of Sheffield
21/04/2010 Dr Wendy Loretto University of Edinburgh The Rest of Our Lives: Work and Retirement in an Ageing World
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