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Spring 2015

Seminar Programme, Spring 2015

27 Jan Danny Campbell University of Stirling Position Bias in best-worst scaling surveys: a case study on trust in institutions
03 Feb Stephan Bruns University of Kassel Meta-Granger Causality an application to the Energy-GDP literature
03 Mar Amrish Patel Oxford/Gothenburg Reciprocity in networks
10 Mar Dirk Bezemer University of Groningen A Global House of Debt Effect? Mortgages   and Post-Crisis Recessions in  Fifty Economies
17 Mar Alessandro Tavoni LSE Bargaining in multilateral negotiations
24 Mar Thomas Crossley University of Essex Can Survey Participation Alter Household Saving Behavior
31 Mar Stilianos Fountas University of Macedonia US Inflation Over 200 Years: The Performance of the Federal Reserve
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