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Spring 2013

Seminar Programme, Spring 2013

19-Feb Karl Taylor University of Sheffield Who Cares about Stock Market Booms and Busts? Evidence from Data on Mental Health
26-Feb Ian Walker University of Lancaster The Long Run Impact of Class Size
05-Mar Felix Weinhardt LSE Standard time and solar time: Impacts on getting up and energy consumption in the U.S.
12-Mar Erwin Bulte Wageningen University and Tilburg University Corruption and investment: Micro level evidence from rural Liberia
19-Mar Arnaud Chevalier University of Royal Holloway Children of the Wall
26-Mar Sotiris Georganas University of Royal Holloway

Coalition Formation in a Legislative Voting Game

28-Mar Klaus Schaeck Bangor University Bank bailouts, competition, and the disparate effects for borrower and depositor welfare
09-Apr Torfinn Harding University of Sussex

Nature versus Nurture: The Institutional Determinants of the Distribution of Oil

16-Apr Chris Olivola University of Warwick The martyrdom effect: When pain and effort increase prosocial contributions
23-Apr Seven Dieterle 

University of Edinburgh

Class Size Reduction Policies and the Quality of Etering Teachers
30-Apr Nick Powdthavee LSE Education does matter to happiness! Estimating the causal mediation effect of schooling on mental health
07-May Steve Gibbons LSE Student Satisfaction and University Choice

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