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Autumn 2012

 Seminar Programme, Autumn 2012

18/09/2012 Antonio Filippin University of Milan The 'Bomb' Risk Elicitation Task
25/09/2012 Dimitris Chronopoulos University of St Andrews Can the Information Content of Share Repurchases Improve the Accuracy of Equity Premium Predictions? 
02/10/2012 Ralf Martin  Imperial College London Carbon taxes, Path Dependence and Directed Technical Change: Evidence from the Auto Industry 
09/10/2012 Johannes Sauer University of Manchester Technology, Treatment and Change - Policy and Producer Behaviour
16/10/2012 Svetlana Batrakova  London School of Economics  Is there a trade-off between 'dirty' imports and 'clean' innovation?
06/11/2012 Sarah Smith University of Bristol Peer effects in charitable giving: Evidence from the (running) field 
20/11/2012 Konrad Burchardi Stockholm School of Economics The Economic Effects of Social Ties: Evidence from German Reunification
27/11/2012 Andre Guettler  EBS Business School Does Discretion in Lending Increase Bank Risk? Borrower Self-Selection and Loan Officer Capture Effects
04/12/2012 Marina Eliza Spaliara University of Glasgow To what extent  does the interest burden affect firm survival? Evidence from a panel of UK firms during the recent financial crisis
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