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Autumn 2010

Seminar Programme, Autumn 2010

14 September Emiliya Lazarova, Queen's University-Belfast Human Capital Formation and Growth: an Empirical Investigation.
21 September Rudolf Winter-Ebmer Johannes-Kepler University/IZA Compulsory Schooling Reforms and Fertility in Europe. 
28 September Shawn Li, University of Dundee Understanding the Oil Price: How Important is the China Factor?
05 October Colin Vance, RWI-Essen The European Commission's Legislation on Automobile Emissions: A Regression on Climate Change?
12 October Dimitra Politi, University of Edinburgh The Effects of the Generalized Use of Iodized Salt on Occupational Patterns in Switzerland.
19 October Jenny Ligthart, University of Tilburg Output Dynamics, Technology, and Public Investment
02 November Joanna Poyago Theotoky, Loughborough University University Funding Systems and their Impact on Research and Teaching: A General Framework
09 November Miguel Costa-Gomes, University of Aberdeen To be announced
16 November Colin Jennings, University of Strathclyde Rationalising Irrational Support for Political Violence
23 November Luca Di Corato, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences An Equilibrium Model of Habitat Conservation under Uncertainty and Irreversibility 
30 November Anna Lovasz, Hungarian Academy of Sciences Competition and the Gender Wage Gap: New Evidence from Transitional Linked Employer-Employee Data

Workshop Programme, Autumn 2010

30 September Stephen Heblich From Russia with love: Identifying agglomeration economies
7 October Alberto Montagnoli International Evidence on the New Keynesian Phillips Curve
14 October Mirko Moro An economic analysis of Illegal hunting in Serengeti, Tanzania
21 October Tianshu Zhao Bank Intermediation and Risk-taking in Africa: Does the Protection of Creditor Rights Matter? 
4 November Brian Loasby The architecture of complexity
11 November Marta Odendal Does School Quality Affect House Prices: introductory evidence and further issues
18 November David Bell Youth Unemployment 
25 November Nick Hanley A production possibility frontier for biodiversity 
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