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Amplify Trading Boot Camp

We offer an exceptional opportunity for our finance-related Masters students to gain invaluable practical experience of the factors that drive today’s financial markets.

Amplify Trading, a global financial trading and training company, in collaboration with the University of Stirling Management School, delivers a week-long Boot Camp. Amplify Trading provides training to some of the largest global financial institutions, including HSBC and Bank of America.

It’s an award winning Boot Camp – winning the CFA Institute Innovative Delivery of Education Award (IDEA) in 2015, which showcases innovation in finance teaching and education.

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Who can do it?

You’ll participate in the Boot Camp if you’re studying any of the following courses:

  • MSc Investment Analysis
  • MSc Finance
  • MSc Banking and Finance
  • MSc International Accounting and Finance

When does it run?

The intensive one-week Boot Camp takes place in the spring semester and builds upon knowledge acquired in the classroom. It’s an integral part of your studies and is free of charge.

How can I benefit?

Our Boot Camp helps bridge the gap between academic theories of financial markets and how they behave in the real world.

You’ll gain first-hand experience of how intraday trading works on the world's leading market place for financial derivatives, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) and have access to multiple asset classes, including stocks, bonds and currencies. You’ll trade futures contracts using live prices in real-time, but with virtual money. The skills you learn will help you understand how to trade in volatile markets, how to deal with inevitable trading losses, how to manage risks under pressure and how to make better decisions.

Our innovative global financial trading Boot Camp will leave you better prepared for a future career in finance.

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