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An Opportunity to Engage with Natural Sciences

Join the University of Stirling’s Faculty of Natural Sciences for a business engagement event on 26 June in the Pathfoot Lecture Theatre.

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Students’ Union Sabbatical reunion


This reunion event will be open to all former Presidents, Vice-Presidents, Sports Presidents, Honorary Presidents and Trustees.

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Open Day

Come in, we're open!

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Kodz: a brief look at coding theory

How can we transmit a signal from one point to another ensuring minimal error?

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Maths in Movies 2: The Inevitable Sequel!

Following the success of Maths in Movies 1, we again take a light-hearted look at maths in movies and on TV.

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Can Mathematicians count?

We ask what can, and what cannot, be counted by means of a formula.

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Boolean algebra: a legacy for software and life

George Boole was born just over 200 years ago, in 1815. He tried to systematise human thought and invented the first practical system of logic in algebraic form.

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Does Statistics deserve its bad press?

Why is statistics useful? Why would you choose to be a statistician?

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Humans of Stirling Exhibition

This exhibition showcases some of the photos of the Humans of Stirling project started by University of Stirling student Iris.

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Community Open Doors Day: Science Fair

The Faculty of Natural Sciences invites you to their fabulous Science Fair.

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