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What parents say about our care

The Kindergarten is a very good experience as it’s very safe and familiar, and of course friendly! The teachers are amazing with the children, they organise lots of different activities every day so that it’s impossible for the kids to get bored. My daughter loves all the outdoors activities and the work on the seasons is very interesting and stimulating. We are Italian and we are very glad that our daughter is learning English at the Kindergarten. It’s impressive to see how she is improving day after day thanks to the Kindergarten experience. The teachers try to give a feedback every time I collect my daughter and this is very important as parents can be aware of what the children have been up to during the morning.

The care and support which my son is provided with when attending the Kindergarten is outstanding. All staff are very approachable and ensure that kids’ safety is a priority. Sarah and Federica have done a fantastic job at helping my son settle in when he first started back in September 2016. Now he looks forward to his nursery sessions every week and looks forward to telling the teachers what he has been up to. The variety of activity is fantastic. The kids have fun but learn at the same time. My son’s confidence has grown since starting and he is constantly developing new skills and knowledge.

I am happy because my daughter is happy. She said that she likes being there “more than the other nursery”. I like the idea of having different environments for the children and a clear structure of activities each day. In my opinion, I think it is good to be involved with students and the research. I also like the detailed feedback on the development of the children. I recommend the Kindergarten to other parents because the children are secure and are learning social behaviour with the other children. I especially like the inclusion of literacy, numeracy, gardening and classical music in the curriculum.

We have received extremely kind and professional support with settling my son at Kindergarten. Particularly as this has been a tricky transition. I have had great communication from staff members. This is a very special provision that allows children to access group play/childcare in a small, nurturing environment. The fact that it’s based within the psychology department allows my child new experiences and can play a part in understanding child development. I would recommend the Kindergarten to other parents because of the unique, friendly, small and homely setting, as well as the professional and welcoming nature of the staff, in addition to the forward-thinking and alternative opportunities for children.

Both my children have enjoyed their time at Kindergarten and have benefited from the safe, stimulating, fun and playful learning environment, that is nurtured in that wee room tucked away in a nondescript corridor lost amongst the university offices and lecture halls! Due to the small numbers and welcoming staff, it is a great place for young children to grow their independence and learn. Games are played with students and walks are taken in the grounds, all adding to the unique experience offered.

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For any queries please contact the Psychology Kindergarten Manager, Federica Caruso.

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