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Psychology Kindergarten

We work with University of Stirling child psychologists to provide a unique and stimulating playgroup for children.

Outdoor learning, emotional wellbeing, and playing with science and maths are at the heart of our childcare.

The small number of children in our playroom allows us to develop a curriculum that is sensitive and flexible to each child’s individual needs. Our small and nurturing environment helps to build your child’s confidence and sense of self.

The campus facilities provide the perfect setting for children to investigate nature and have fun walking in the woods and around the lochs. We also have access to a designated area for growing potted fruit, flowers and vegetables aided by the advice from our very own University gardeners. 

You can find out more about how our children play.

We’ve been established for over 25 years and have been graded 'very good' by the Care inspectorate for our quality of care and support.

The care and support which my son is provided with when attending the Kindergarten is outstanding.

Playgroup parent

About the playgroup

The playgroup is publically available to all children aged 2 years 9 months to 5 years. The sessions run from 9am - 12 pm mainly during term times.

We currently have spaces available.

We also have a toddler group for 0 - 3 year olds.

A maximum of 16 children can attend each session from 9:00 to 12:00.

If you’d like to arrange a visit please contact Federica Caruso on

Or 01786 466836. You can also download our information handout.

How our children play

Find out how we mix enjoyment with innovative learning; focusing on outdoor learning, emotional wellbeing, and science experiments.

Helping psychology research

Learn more about how Kindergarten children benefit from new research ideas and the child development expertise of University psychologists.

  • How to enrol your child

    When you contact us we’ll add your child to our waiting list. You’ll be notified as soon as a space becomes available and children can start at any time.

    The playgroup meets daily Mondays to Fridays inclusively, starting at 9am and concluding at 12.00 noon.

    The cost for each three hour session is £7 and reviewed annually. Two invoices will be sent, one at the start of each term. Fees may be paid by instalments in October, November and December for the winter term, and by 7th March and 7th April for the summer term.

    Childcare Vouchers are acceptable. No refund will be paid for non-attendance.

    If you wish to withdraw your child from playgroup, we require a minimum of four weeks' notice.

    Date Start time Finish time
    Spring Term  Monday 8 January 2018  Thursday 29th March, 2018 
    May Day (Holiday)  Monday 7 May 2018  Monday 7 May 2018 
  • Care Inspectorate


    Quality of Care and Support

    Quality of Environment

    Quality of Staffing

    Quality of Management and Leadership

    A Copy of the Report


    Very Good




    Care Inspectorate report 2016



    Very Good

    Very Good

    Very Good

    Care Inspectorate report 2014

    Please note:

    1) N/A means that the field was not in the report.

    2) All Ratings were completed on a scale ranging from Excellent to Unsatisfactory.

    3) All CARE Inspections were completed by the 'Scottish Care Commission'.

  • Testimonials

    'The Kindergarten is a very good experience as it’s very safe and familiar, and of course friendly!'

    'The care and support which my son is provided with when attending the Kindergarten is outstanding. All staff are very approachable and ensure that kids’ safety is a priority.'

    Read more of our testimonials

  • SAND project

    Have you ever wondered at what age children should start school and how schooling affects the developing brain? Do you have a child born in January or February 2014? Then you might be interested in taking part in our research study, helping us to find answers to these questions! 

    Find out more about our SAND project.  

Contact us

For any queries please contact the playgroup leader, Federica Caruso

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