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University of Stirling


Institute of Aquaculture staff directory

Senior academics

Prof Sandra Adams Head: Immunology and Vaccinology
Prof James Bron Head: Parasitology
Prof Brett Glencross Head: Nutrition
Prof Dave Little Head: Society and Technology Interface
Prof Brendan McAndrew Head: Genomics and Selection
Prof Herve Migaud Head: Breeding and Physiology
Prof Trevor Telfer  Head: Environmental Management
Prof Douglas Tocher Head: Nutrition

Dr Simon MacKenzie

Head: Welfare and Behaviour
Director of Research
Prof Manfred Weidmann Head: Emerging Aquatic Infectious Disease

Professors Emeritus

Prof Brian Austin
Prof Hugh Ferguson
Prof Stephen George
Prof Ronald Roberts    
Prof Christina Sommerville
Prof Randolf Richards    
Prof Lindsay Ross

Senior lecturers

Dr Mags Crumlish Emerging Aquatic Infectious Disease
Dr Michael Leaver Environmental management, Director of Learning and Teaching
Prof James Turnbull Welfare and Behaviour
Dr David Penman Genomics and Selection
Dr John Taylor Breeding and Physiology
Dr Andrew Davie Breeding and Physiology 


Dr Amaya Albalat Welfare and Behaviour 
Dr Johanna Baily  Emerging Aquatic Infectious Disease
Dr Michael Bekaert Genomics and Selection
Dr Stefano Carboni Breeding and Physiology
Dr Andrew Desbois Immunology and Vaccinology
Dr Darren Green Welfare and Behaviour
Dr Bruce McAdam Environmental Management
Dr Oscar Monroig Nutrition
Mr Alexandre Pargana tbc
Dr Armin Sturm Parasitology
Dr John Taggart Genomics and Selection
Dr Giuseppe Paladini   Parasitology  

Research Fellows

Dr Adam Brooker
Dr Lynn Chalmers
Mr William Clark
Dr Sarah-Louise Counter Fish Reproduction and Genetics
Dr Lynne Falconer
Dr Susan Fitzer 
Dr Sophie Fridman Health and Welfare 
Dr Louise Gamble
Dr Rowena Hoare
Dr Stuart McMillan
Dr Elsbeth McStay Fish Reproduction and Genetics
Dr Francis Murray Sustainable Aquaculture
Dr Matthew Sprague Aquaculture Nutrition
Dr Sonia Rey Planellas Health and Welfare
Dr Sean Monaghan Health and Welfare
Dr Richard Newton
Dr Luisa Vera Andujar Fish Reproduction and Genetics

Honorary academic staff

Prof Doug Allan
Prof Felicity Huntingford    
Prof Andrew Mearns Sprague    
Dr Viv Crampton Fish Nutrition (EWOS)
Dr Andy Shinn Honorary Senior Lecturer in Parasitology

Technical support

Dr Kerry Bartie Technician (AquaExcel)
Chelsea Broughton Technician (NAS)
Denny Conway Senior Technician
Brian Craig Technician, NACWO (Aquarium)
Rozely De Jong Technician (NAS)
James Dick Technical Manager: (Nutrition NAS)
Director of Facilities
Debbie Faichney Senior Technician (Histology)
Robyn Harris Technician
Charlie Harrower Senior Technician (Purchasing)
Jacquie Ireland Senior Technician (TSB)
Kerry Johnson Technician (NAS)  
Rachel Kay Technician (NAS)
William Leschen Research Assistant
Jane Lewis Technician (Stores)
Hilary McEwan Senior Technician (Immunology)
Elizabeth Mackinlay Senior Technician (NAS)
Graeme McWhinnie Technician (NAS)
Fiona Muir Senior Technician (Virology)
Allison Penman Technician (NAS)
Keith Ranson Senior Technician, NACWO (Aquarium)
Silvere Santos Technician (Aquarium)
Karen Sneddon Senior Technician (Target fish)
Fiona Strachan Senior Technician (NAS)
William Struthers Chief Technician: Environment
Juan Bautista Vera Perez Technician (NAS)
Rona Werner Technician (Bacteriology)
Irene Younger Senior Technician (NAS)


Ainars Blaudums Administrator and Financial Manager 
Melanie Cruickshank Financial Co-ordinator
Fiona McCarroll Administrator
Kirsten Strachan Administrative Assistant
Sandra Tulloch Administration Assistant
Anda Wright Institute Assistant
General Enquiries
Postgrad Enquiries

Stirling Aquaculture

John Bostock Manager and Senior Consultant
Iain Gatward    
David Scott    
David Currie    
Malcolm Dickson    
Trevor Meyer    
Jonathan Grubb    

Buckieburn Freshwater Research Facility

Alistair MacPhee Site Manager
James Rae Hatchery Manager 
Colin Forrest NACWO

Machrihanish Marine Environmental Research Lab

Dr William Roy Manager  
Dr David Bassett Lead Researcher  
Simon Barnett Site Engineer
Sally Boyd Senior Technician
Shannon Baikie Technician 
Chessor Matthew (NACWO) Foreman  
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