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Customer Service

Information Centre and Digital Skills

The Information Centre and Digital Skills team will build on the current, successful information centre based in the library which provides maximum accessibility for staff and students. The new team will support the forthcoming Digital Strategy (Digital Skills component in particular) through a greater focus on ‘digital enabling’ to assist all users to become highly digitally skilled and adept.

Team manager: Trish Davey 

Library Operations and Service Development

The Library Operations and Service Development team will continue to operate a highly accessible academic library, ensuring optimum staffed opening times to reflect the academic year in line with the requirements of students and staff. The team will continue to support ever-increasing demand for document delivery services; and will play a critical role in developing the customer-service approach for IS.

Team manager: David Gardiner

Learning and Teaching Support

The  team brings together the librarians and digital learning developers to provide an integrated faculty liaison service. The team will provide a focused approach to developing and delivering services to faculties according to their specific requirements, whilst ensuring a consistency in approach. The team will facilitate improved communications and build upon relationships between faculties and Information Services in its widest sense.

Team manager: Derek Robertson

Library and Archives Research Support

The Library and Archives Research Support team will provide a tailored support service to the research community, in order to support the University’s ambitions to grow research income and activity. The team brings together existing staff and resources (including the University Archives, research data management, APCs, etc.) with additional support roles, enabling dedicated support and liaison activity which serves the research community.

Team manager: Lisa Haddow

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