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Enhancing Self Care

What do we mean by Enhancing Self-Care?

Self-care is what people do to care for themselves, their children, other family members and their communities. In relation to health care, it is all that people do to maintain health, prevent illness, seek treatment, manage symptoms and side effects, accomplish recovery and rehabilitation and manage the impact of chronic illness and/or disability.

What do we do?

Our aim is to support self-care and self-management in a variety of settings using a range of person-centred research approaches.  Our qualitative, quantitative and mixed method research across the lifespan focuses on:

  • interventions that aim to support self-care and self-management for individuals.
  • ways in which health and social care professionals can support individuals to self-care or self-manage.

In this way, our research feeds into the wider University research theme of health and behaviour.

Additional to these programmes of work, staff collaborate within the Faculty, across the University and with a range of external partners.

Who are we?

A range of staff from the Faculty work within the Enhancing Self-care research theme:

Research students

We have a number of PhD and Clinical Doctorate students currently working within the enhancing self-care research theme.


Jenny's Diary

Supporting conversations about dementia with people who have  a learning disability

Life through a Lens

Learning disability and dementia


Treatment of prolapse with self-care pessary.

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