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Procurement news

Electronic Watch

Electronic Watch is an independent monitoring organisation that assists public sector buyers to meet their responsibility to protect the labour rights of workers in their global electronics supply chains more effectively and less expensively than any single public sector buyer could accomplish on its own.

All 44 Universities and Colleges in Scotland (19 HEIs and 25 FEIs) have become full affiliate members of Electronics Watch, facilitated via their membership of APUC. This is the first time a whole sector of public bodies in a country has joined Electronics Watch in its entirety, and demonstrates the push within the sector in Scotland to achieve a transparent and fair supply chain for the products sourced. The Scottish HE/FE sector was fundamental in the establishment of EW, with University of Edinburgh, University of Aberdeen and APUC all being Founder Members of the organisation.

This joined up, collaborative approach enables all APUC Members to reap the benefits of EW membership and provides a strong collective push on electronic industry brands to improve labour conditions in their supply chains.

APUC Buyer Portal

The new APUC Buyer Portal to host agreement documentation has now been launched. All framework agreement documentation has been migrated to this new facility and will be duplicated in UniBuy for a short period.

For organisations who use Office 365 please click APUC Buyer Portal where you can request access.

Organisations not using Office 365 please request via email to Request Buyer Portal Access

Agreement links from our website will be updated Monday 13th June to point to new APUC Buyer Portal. UniBuy documentation will no longer be supported from 1st July 2016.

Please email eSolutions helpdesk if you require any assistance.

Revised EU Thresholds

The threshold values that apply to public procurement exercises run under the Public Contracts (Scotland) Regulations 2015 have been revised. The following thresholds are net of VAT and apply from 1 January 2016 onwards:

Supplies and Services: £164,176

Works: £4,104,394

Annex XIV contracts : £589,148

APUC ezine - Subscription

APUC's weekly ezine contains a variety of information including details on new frameworks and contracts and the progress of sectoral, national and inter-regional collaborative tenders.

To subscribe to APUC's ezine, please forward your contact details (name, job title, institution and email address) to

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