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Procurement Services

Our procurement services pages provide up-to-date information regarding our procurement strategy, policy, procedures, staff, and services.

Procurement Services is committed to providing a comprehensive, customer-focused, procurement service and will endeavour to maximise value achieved on non-pay expenditure, thereby assisting the University to meet its stated strategic objectives.

University staff can find further information on procurement including guidance and public contracts thresholds.

Policies and procedures

The overarching objective of all University procurement activity is to obtain best value for money on all non-pay expenditure.

Procurement Policies and Procedures 

This is to be achieved by obtaining the goods, services and works required in support of delivering the corporate strategic objectives, of the appropriate quality and at the most economically advantageous terms reasonably available to the University. The Procurement Policies set out in the attached document are designed to help achieve that goal within the legislative framework for public procurement in Scotland.

‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌Forms and Templates

Forms and templates commonly used for the procurement of good and services on behalf of the University.  Guidance on when these are required can be found in the Procurement Policies and Procedures.

Contact the Procurement Services Team

Find contact informant for our team members below:

Colin Elliott

Head of Procurement - ext. 7104

Tracey Adamson

Procurement Manager - ext. 7106

Jeff Vuolo

Procurement Manager - ext. 7107

Alistair Douglas

Procurement Manager - ext. 6186

Contact Procurement Services

Procurement Services

Finance Office
University of Stirling

+ 44 (0) 1786 467143

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