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Undergraduate support

When you start life at the University of Stirling, you’ll step into an inspiring environment marked by boundless opportunity. You’ll have the chance to make friends for life, expand your knowledge, travel abroad and join some of the many clubs and societies on offer. You’ll also become part of an academic community that has your best interests at heart and prioritizes your wellbeing and success. So, even if you’re feeling a little uncertain about what lies ahead, rest assured that you’ll be supported every step of the way.


The Faculty arranges an induction so that you can meet the staff, other students and learn a little about how things work at Stirling. Things can be a little overwhelming in your first days at university, so we will give you essential information at the outset, and your lecturers and tutors will continue to provide key information as and when you need it during your first semester.

Undergraduate subject-based inductions

Find out when your first week meetings and induction sessions are.

An exciting way to discover the campus and improve investigation skills to get information with your future journalism fellows. Great chance to meet people from different countries and find new friends during the induction. An event, that certainly, you will never forget and wish to do it once more.
Richárd Bacskai
Journalism Studies
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Your personal tutor

You'll be assigned a personal tutor during the first week of your studies in Stirling. The role of a personal tutor is to help you feel part of the University community and to act as a specific and consistent source of guidance, information and support throughout your studies. Your tutor should always be available as a formal point of contact for general academic guidance or pastoral support.

Feedback and guidance sessions

All modules offer regular feedback and guidance sessions when you can call in and ask your lecturer or tutor any queries you have on the module. Full details of when these sessions are held will be included in your module handbooks.

Student voice - make a difference to the student experience

Student Faculty Officers are there to represent all students across the Faculty, making sure that the student voice is part of all decisions which affect student learning. Each Faculty Officer is associated with a division and are paired with key Faculty staff to look at how students are experiencing their studies and University life. This can be anything from student employability, assessment and feedback, to lecturing, modules, and more.

Module representatives

Each module has a Rep(s) who raise issues or recommendations the class may have with staff. This allows the Faculty to ensure staff know what students want and continually improve the learning experience. You can become a module rep if you want to make a difference. You can apply via your modules on Canvas at the beginning of semester. Training is provided by the Students' Union and, if you carry out the duties, you will receive credit on your degree transcript for this work. It is a great opportunity to develop your leadership skills. 

Student Faculty Officers 2018 - 2019

Communications, Media and Culture – Paul Maclaine

History and Politics – Finlay Allmond

Law and Philosophy – Harry Whyte

Literature and Languages – Kamilla Lind

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Undergraduate Faculty Advisers

If you have any questions about your course or module choices, you can contact your Faculty Adviser.

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