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Staff directory – Law and Philosophy

Law Academic Staff

Dr Oles Andriychuk Senior Lecturer
Dr Kim Barker Lecturer
Dr Mo Egan Lecture
Professor Alison Green Professor
Professor Gavin McLeod Little Professor of Environmental and Public Law
Mrs Tikus Little Senior Lecturer, Head of Law
Professor Simon Marsden Professor
Dr David McArdle Senior Lecturer
Dr Thomas Muinzer Lecturer
Dr Annalisa Savaresi Lecturer
Professor Elaine Sutherland Professor of Child and Family Law
Dr Hong-Lin Yu Senior Lecturer
Fraser Davidson Emeritus Professor
Dr Katie Boyle Associate Professor 
Pontian Okoli 
Michelle Donnelly  

Philosophy Academic Staff

Rowan Cruft Professor
Philip Ebert 
Research Leave Spring 2018
Senior Lecturer   
Adrian Haddock
Research Leave Spring 2018
Senior Lecturer   
Simon Hope Lecturer  
Kent Hurtig Lecturer  
Colin Johnston Senior Lecturer  
Giacomo Melis Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Giovanni Merlo Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Peter Milne Professor  
Sonia Roca-Royes
Research Leave Spring 2018
Senior Lecturer  
Peter Sullivan Professor  
Michael Wheeler Professor  
Crisipin Wright Professor  
Tony Pitson Honorary Research Fellow
Alan Millar Emeritus Professor
Sandra Marshall Emeritus Professor
Antony Duff Emeritus Professor

Professional Services Staff

Zoe Mawby Divisional Administrator
Virginia Respinger Administrative Assistant
Claire Exley Administrative Assistant
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