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Dr Shane Mcleod

Impact Research Fellow (2013-2015)


I research Scandinavian migration during the Viking Age, drawing upon migration theory and using a multi-disciplinary approach to assess likely embarkation points and migration routes, and assessing how the culture of the embarkation points may have affected the acculturation processes in the new 'home'. My Stirling project — Viking Funeralscapes — investigates the landscape settings of Scandinavian burials in Scotland, with an emphasis upon viewsheds and visibility, and their location in relation to other natural and man-made landscape features. The choice of burial sites and forms will be explored for indications of adaptations made during the migration process. A side project — with colleagues at the University of Aberdeen, explores performative and emotional aspects of early medieval funerals in their landscape setting.

I have a BA (with Hons) and PhD in Medieval History from the University of Western Australia (2011), and a Master of Viking and Early Medieval Scandinavia from Uppsala University (2006).  I was a casual lecturer and tutor on medieval units at the University of Western Australia from 2007–2013, as well as Co-ordinator of 'The Vikings' and 'Parchment, Print, and Paint: Analysing Sources of pre-Modern Europe' units. I was also an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Tasmania, 2012–2013. 

See my publications here.

My projects: Funeralscapes and Viking Burials in Scotland.


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