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Dr Qian Gao

Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Heritage


I am currently a postdoctoral research fellow in heritage at the University of Stirling. My research interest mainly includes critical heritage, archaeological tourism, UNESCO World Heritage, rock art, value, authenticity and community participation, with a focus on China. I have a MA in archaeology from Durham University (UK) and PhD in cultural heritage management from the University of Barcelona (Spain). My doctoral project, 'World Heritage, Archaeological Tourism and Social Value in China', fully-funded for three years by AGAUR, Government of Catalonia, explored the complex relationship between UNESCO World Heritage designation, tourism development, and the social values attributed to archaeological sites by local communities, in the context of contemporary China. 

My publications include:

Gao, Q. 2017. Social Values and Rock Art Tourism: an Ethnographic Study of the Huashan Rock Art Area (China). Conservation and Management of Archaeological Sites, 19 (1): 82-95.

Gao, Q. 2016. Social values and archaeological heritage: an ethnographic study of the Daming Palace archaeological site (China). European Journal of Post-Classical Archaeologies, 6: 213-234. 

Gao, Q. 2016. Challenges in Archaeological Tourism in China. International Journal of Historical Archaeology 20: 422-436.

Gao, Q. 2013. The Huashan rock art site (China) – The sacred meeting place for sky, water and earth. Rock Art Research 30: 22-32.

Díaz-Andreu, M., Gao, Q., Pastor, A., Ruiz, C. and Vargas, A. 2014. Valuing heritage in Spain. In Roders, A.P. and Veldpaus, L. (eds.), Proceedings of the Networking Workshop on 'Understanding Heritage Values', Eindhoven University of Technology. 10-11 July 2014. 21-25.​


Telephone: +44 (0)1786 467571

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