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  • Session 1 – BBC Scotland: New Channel, New Opportunities, New Talent

    Mainhouse, 10:00 – 11:00am

    Session info:  The launch of BBC Scotland’s new digital channel is just months away, we ask about the opportunities, challenges and risks of this change in the Scottish production landscape.  Who will benefit? Can digital budgets support quality content? How will we measure its success?


    Steve Carson (Head of Multiplatform Commissioning, BBC Scotland)

    David Strachan (Director of Strategy, Tern Television)

    Ross Harper (Joint Managing Director, Red Sky Productions)

    Lorna MacDonald (Talent Manager, BBC Scotland)

    Chair:  Aasmah Mir

  • Session 2 – Ethics in Factual Production

    Mainhouse, 11:00 – 11:45am

    Session info:  Technology lets us get increasingly close to stories, and show them to increasingly wider audiences. In a world where extreme opinion and maximum exposure rule, how do we as storytellers walk the ethical line between shock and sensation, truth and titillation?


    Louise Pirie (Freelance Producer/ Director)

    Sarah Howitt (Freelance Producer/ Director)

    Simon Dickson (Creative Director, Label1)

    Ewan Angus (Freelance, ex-commissioning head BBC Scotland)

    Chair: George Cathro

  • Session 3 – Digital First Commissioning

    Mainhouse, 11:45 – 12:45

    Session info:  Lines between terrestrial and digital are increasingly blurred, younger audiences are playing increasingly hard to get for ‘traditional’ platforms. What can we learn from digital-first producers about reaching younger people and working with newer talent?


    Eloise King (Freelance, ex-commissioner Vice TV)

    Louise Thornton (Commissioning Executive for Digital, Social and Youth, BBC Scotland)

    Mark MacDonald (Partnerships Manager, Little Dot Studios)

    Chair:  Aasmah Mir

  • Session 4 – Simon Dickson in Conversation: Conflict and Collaboration

    Mainhouse, 14:15 – 15:00

    Session info:  Conflict and Collaboration – or How To Give Your Commissioning Editor What They Think They Don’t Want and Don’t Know They Need. In this masterclass, Simon will introduce clips from some of his most influential programmes, and explain with candour and humour how they came to be, and – in some cases – nearly didn’t.


    Simon Dickson (Creative Director, Label1)

    Chair: Aasmah Mir

  • Session 5 – A New Day (time): The Daytime Commissioning Landscape

    Mainhouse, 15:30 – 16:30

    Session info:  As This Morning celebrated 30 years on air, the axe fell on Flog it, and the BBC introduced a new slate for Daytime. Fiercely loyal audiences and record-breaking runs mean that despite lower tariffs, daytime is valuable territory for indies. Our eminent panel consider the challenges and rewards of daytime.


    Lisa Hazlehurst (Head of Lion Television)

    Muslim Alim (Assistant Commissioner Daytime)

    Lara Akeju (Commissioning Editor, ITV)

    Jules Kean (Friel Kean)

    Ramy El-Bergamy (Daytime Commissioner, Channel 4)

  • Session 6 – 4 all the UK: Channel 4’s Factual Commissioning Strategy

    Mainhouse 16:30 – 17:30

    Session info:  A new director of programmes, a move out of London, an extra £250 million for Nations and Regions, and a rebrand. Our panel examine what 4’s new direction of travel means for Scotland.


    Danny Horan (Head of Factual, Channel 4)

    Harry Bell (Managing Director, Tern Television)

    Mark Roberts (Creative Director, Firecrest Films)

    Andrew Jackson (Raise the Roof Productions)

    Jane Rogerson (Joint Managing Director, Red Sky Productions)

  • Masterclass – Pitching: Shoot or Kill?

    Workhouse, 11:15 – 12:45
    Presented by author and development expert Nicola Lees

    Session info:  Do you want to know how factual TV/documentary ideas are developed? Do you want to give your idea the best chance of getting commissioned?  Nicola Lees has developed hundreds of factual TV proposals and has been involved in successfully developing and pitching to channels such as BBC, Sky Arts, TLC, Science Channel, Discovery and Real Stories on YouTube.

    In this intensive masterclass you will learn how to: interpret a brief, generate ideas, develop an idea, write a proposal and pitch an idea in a fast-paced, interactive workshop. Bring pens, paper and get ready to brainstorm ideas in response to a real commissioning brief.

  • Workshop – The Impact of Sensor Size in Documentary Filmmaking

    Playhouse, 15:30 – 16:30
    Presented by Sam Measure, CVP

    Session info:  With major improvements in the specifications of small mirrorless cameras, and lightweight interchangeable lens camcorders, the fixed lens camcorder is being used less and less for documentary production as film makers pursue more “cinematic” images.  One major aspect of this change is the larger sensors incorporated within these new camera options. What is it about larger sensors that change the feel of an image and what are the benefits and drawbacks for a documentary shooting style?

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