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Current exhibitions

Fifty: The University of Stirling in 50 Objects

This exhibition will showcase some of the fascinating objects and photography featured in the commemorative publication, Fifty: The University of Stirling in 50 Objects, published last year. 

Location: University Library

50 Objects Exhibition

September 2018

Future Exhibitions

The European Dream

Anna Pantelia is a major international freelance photographer.

A selection of photographs highlighting the plight of refugees will be exhibited in the Pathfoot Crush Hall from late September.

View Anna Pantelia's website.

28 September 2018 to 31 August 2019

Experiences of Exile

In the summer of 1962 almost 600,000 French settlers fled Algeria for exile in France, in the biggest mass migration to Europe since 1945. As Europe struggles to cope with another exodus across the Mediterranean, this exhibition tells the story of the Europeans who settled in Algeria from 1830 onwards and made their lives there, lives that were torn apart when the Algerian war of independence started in 1954. When the war ended French Algeria had vanished forever, and the settlers were forced to leave behind their homeland. 

But who were the French settlers of Algeria?

Le Voyageur

The ‘Experiences of Exile' exhibition is taking place at the Pathfoot Building, University of Stirling. It is part of a two-year Leadership Fellows project entitled ‘From colonisers to refugees: narratives and representations of the French settlers of Algeria’, led by Dr Fiona Barclay of the University of Stirling, and funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council.

Images and period objects are provided with the kind assistance of the Ecomusée du Val de Bièvre, Fresnes.

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