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Exam timetables

Spring 2019 exam timetables (final version)

Stirling: Download the Spring 2019 exam timetable

Overseas Partners: Download the Spring 2019 Overseas Partners exam timetable

Every effort is made to keep exam details set after publication however changes to dates, times and locations are occasionally unavoidable.

The timetable was updated on 17 April 2019 with details of the exam venues. Some examinations will be taking place in more than one examination venue at the same time. The split is usually done randomly by student number.

The email communication that you will have received on 17 April will detail your exam venue and desk number. Candidates should ensure that they have checked their University email for their desk number in advance of their exam.

Autumn 2018 Resit/Deferred exam timetables

Stirling: Download 2018 Autumn resit/deferred exam timetable

Muscat: Download exam timetable

Examination Dates 2018/2019

Main Autumn Diet 

Wednesday 5 December - Friday 14 December 2018 


Monday 13 May - Friday 17 May 2019

Main Spring Diet

Tuesday 23 April - Friday 10 May 2019


Wednesday 19 June - Monday 24 June 2019

3rd Spring diet

Tuesday 20 August - Thursday 22 August 2019


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