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Feedback on student work

Feedback and feedforward are key parts of the learning process. Assignment feedback lets us know what we did well and what we could improve on and feedforward tells us how to do well in the future. The University takes feedback and feedforward very seriously and, along with the Students’ Union, have developed a Feedback Policy and Student Guide to Feedback

These documents identify seven key principles about what makes good feedback and feedforward:

  • Constructive and supportive
  • Clear and accessible
  • Embedded
  • Timely
  • Transparent
  • Goal referenced
  • A dialogue

They also identify steps students should take to get the most out of feedback and feedforward:

  • Find out where, how and when feedback/feedforward will be provided
  • Read and engage with the assessment criteria
  • Engage with the feedback/feedforward you are given


Download the Feedback Policy and Student Guide to Feedback

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