Grounds booking request form

COVID-19 restrictions

The University looks forward to welcoming you to our grounds and operating our usual procedure for requests again in the future, however, we are restricted at this time by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Until further notice, we are unable to guarantee bookings for our grounds. All decisions will be based on a case-by-case basis including reviewing: current Scottish Government advice; the restrictions in place at that time; and in addition the University’s own core business requirements and activities.

As the situation remains fluid, and we need to take into account the on-going impact this may have for the University, we are unable to give a firm date when this will change. It is important to outline that on-going restrictions may still be in place from a logistical point that may inhibit us permitting the use of our grounds.

All enquiries made with immediate effect can only be made on a provisional basis with the inclusion of a comprehensive risk assessment to support your application.   Please note these are subject to short notice changes or cancellations.

How to make a request to use the grounds

If you would like to request the use of grounds within the University and/or use University facilities, please complete the form below.

Examples of when a Use of Grounds Request should be made include:

  • exclusive use of car parks
  • charity walks
  • use of Airthrey Loch
  • filming and photography

Your details

Use of grounds details

Please provide enough detail so that there is a clear understanding of what the event involves

Terms and conditions

Plesae find the terms and conditions for use of ground requests or sports events.