Clinical Trial Unit

The Clinical Trial Unit will provide high quality support in running clinical trials in line with international regulatory standards, from planning through to analysis and reporting.

Our aspiration is to become the choice for health professionals working within clinical trials, particularly in the area of health and social care interventions. The Clinical Trials Unit (CTU) offers something uniquely different. The Faculty of Health Sciences and Sport research strengths in nursing, midwifery and allied health will combine with a classical trial unit that will facilitate greater translation of research into these disciplinary fields.

We will be uniquely placed to draw upon existing research networks and partnerships and skilled and experienced staff currently in place delivering research which makes a real impact on impact on practice, policy and most importantly, the lives of people. Critically, the Faculty's current research themes and interests are framed within existing and emerging trends relative to health professionals.

  • Improving effectiveness and efficiency within integrated health and social care services.
  • Clinical trials focusing on the health and social care interventions of today.
  • Data-led innovation: translation of data to practice, policy and improving the life changes and outcomes for people living with health and social care needs.
  • Realistic healthcare: putting the person receiving health and social care at the centre of decisions about their care.


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