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William Alexander Dargie (1912-2003)


Portrait of Rev. J.P. Haldane Stevenson
(Oil on board)

Sir William Alexander Dargie was an Australian painter, known especially for his portrait paintings. He was commissioned to paint Australia's official portrait of Queen Elizabeth and also painted the Duke of Edinburgh in 1956, as well as official portraits of Australian Prime Ministers and other eminent Australians.

This portrait was presented to the University in 1975 by the artist, at the suggestion of the sitter. The University of Stirling is situated on the Airthrey Castle estate which belonged originally to the Haldane family. The Rev J.P. Haldane-Stevenson was descended from this family (and also the 'lighthouse' Stevensons). Born in Cardiff, he studied Classics at Oxford University and became a clergyman. He emigrated to Australia in the 1950s and was a friend of the artist.

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