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Stefan Galkowski (1912-1984)


(Wool tapestry)

Pupils of the eminent Polish weaver Eleanora Plutynska, Stefan Galkowski and his wife Helena (1911-1992) were talented young graduates of the Fine Arts Academy in Warsaw. They started making tapestries in secret during the Nazi occupation of World War II, when private weaving was strictly prohibited because wool was required for the German army. They made small tapestries with figurative subjects based mainly on Polish legends and landscapes. They followed the local country tradition of using thick, hand-spun yarn coloured with vegetable dyes. This gives their tapestries the rough, variegated surface that is a distinctive feature of their work. In the post war years they became joint directors of the newly created State Textile Institute Wanda which attempted to revive the old Polish crafts.

This tapestry was gifted to the Art Collection in 1989.

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