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Rachel Duckhouse

Shell Architecture I by Rachel Duckhouse


Shell Architecture I (Etching, 2017)

Glasgow based visual artist Rachel Duckhouse trained at Leeds College of Art in Printed Textile Design, followed by an MA in Design History and Material Culture at Winchester School of Art.

She works in a range of media including drawing and printmaking. She says: ‘The complex patterns and systems in nature, human behaviour and the built environment form the basis of my work. I make research based work that explores hidden patterns in specific landscapes or situations. I’m particularly interested in how the physical processes of drawing and printmaking help me see underlying structures and flows within real or imagined spaces’. 

Following a recent Artist in Residence programme working with Professor Maggie Cusack (Dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences at the University of Stirling) Rachel’s work was exhibited at the Macrobert Arts Centre on campus in Spring 2018. A number of works were purchased for the University collection from this exhibition.

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