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Kate Thomson


Kate Thomson with Where is the Fourth Dimension?
(Lasa select marble)

Kate Thomson is an established Scottish sculptor who has been working internationally for the last 25 years. After graduating in Fine Art from Newcastle University, she worked for 3 years as a community artist in the Gorbals in Glasgow, where in 1989 she was also one of the six Founding Directors of the Glasgow Sculpture Studios, before starting to work on site-specific public sculptures all over the world. Three of Kate's sculptures are currently on loan to the University, and the Art Collection was able to buy this fourth work (shown), installed in May 2014, with match funding from the National Fund for Acquisitions. This can be seen outside the Courtroom building, as can Cloud 9. The other two (Hermes and Athena) can be found in one of the Pathfoot courtyards. Kate Thomson is married to Hironori Katagiri. Click here for a pdf of the campus Japanese Sculpture Tour (also available in the Crush Hall, Pathfoot).

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