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George Rickey


One Rectangle Excentric
(Steel, 1998)

Image © Estate of George Rickey/ DACS,
New York 2014

Born in Indiana, USA, George Rickey moved with his family to Helensburgh, Scotland while still a child and went on to study History at Balliol College, Oxford, then studied art in Paris. On his return to the US he began teaching at various schools, then in 1942, he joined the Army, where he worked in engineering. Following his discharge, he studied art at the New York University Institute of Fine Arts and later at the Chicago Institute of Design. He then taught art at a variety of colleges. In the early 1950s, Rickey shifted his focus from painting to sculpture and began creating kinetic sculpture. He was able to design sculptures whose metal parts moved in response to the slightest air currents.

This piece was purchased in 1999 from the Scottish Sculpture Trust, supported by grants from NFA, Henry Moore Foundation and Gordon Fraser Trust. It can be seen on the campus sculpture trail.

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