Initial Teacher Education (ITE)

Stirling offers an Education course which runs concurrently as part of a first degree programme and which may result in a secondary or primary teaching qualification recognised by the General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS).  GTCS accredit our programme to deliver the Standard for Provisional Registration.

Advantages of the Stirling Concurrent Model

  • It combines an academic and a professional qualification
  • It saves a year over the conventional degree + PGDE route into teaching
  • It gives you time in which to build up your competence as a teacher and to make up your own mind whether or not teaching suits you
  • It allows you to obtain your degree with or without the teaching qualification

Orientation Seminars

Professional interviews are carried out at the compulsory first year orientation seminars.  If you fail to attend one of the two compulsory professional orientation seminars, or the tutor has doubt over your suitability you will be asked to attend an individual interview.  You will also be required to complete a PVG form and pay £59 for PVG registration in September 2017.

Self Arranged Placement

As part of the preparations for entry to the professional part of the ITE programme, we are asking you to undertake a short, self-arranged placement in an Educational context before the professional part of your studies begin in the Autumn semester of Year 2. This placement should be of 2 weeks duration - either as a single block or as separate days spread across a number of weeks. 

It is recommended that you seek out and arrange this placement close to your address in year 1.  This does not of course preclude you taking up an additional placement to gain further valuable experience.  Possible contexts for this initial two week (or equivalent) experience might include:

  • School (Primary or Secondary)
    • Working with children as a coach in sporting clubs, either as lead or assistant
      Working with swimming lessons
    • Helping with after school clubs in your old school
    • Camp America or similar organisations
    • Involvement with the sports participation/sports coaching at the University
    • Private nursery
    • FE College
    • University
    • Library
    • Museum Education Dept.
    • Language School
    • Voluntary organizations Guides, BB, Scouts)
    • Corporate training dept.
    • Corporate Training Provider (Private 3rd party)
    • VSO type placements abroad

Introductory Meeting

There will be an introductory meeting on Monday 11th September 2017, 4-5pm in Logie Lecture Theatre.  This will give you an introduction to the first module you will undertake as well as an introduction to the ITE programme.


ITE Professional Education students will undertake two Education modules, one per semester.  For each module you will attend a one hour lecture and two hour seminar per week.


There will be an electronic reader made available to students so there is no requirement to purchase any books.  This will be available mid August.

Contact Information


Tel: 01786 467934

Instead of specifying a core textbook for this module, we have provided a reader (available free online) with some background readings on each lecture topic and an extended reading list in each case for those who are interested in learning more. However, you should not rule out purchasing a textbook – indeed it would be beneficial for you to do so, especially if you are planning to continue with the study of education (for example those intending to study initial teacher education (ITE)). The following are worth consideration.

Bryce, T.G.K. and Humes, W.M. (2013) Scottish Education: Fourth Edition, Referendum, Edinburgh, Edinburgh University Press. [We strongly advise that students intending to go on to the professional ITE programme buy this book, as it provides essential background to the Scottish education system].

Other students may wish to purchase this book, as it contains a great deal of contextual information about the Scottish education system that will be extremely useful when you come to write the essay (assignment two).

Bartlett, S. and Burton, D. (2012) Introduction to education studies. London, Sage. [This provides good background on a range of generic educational issues and will be useful for both EDUU9E1 and EDUU9E2. It is slanted towards the English system and care needs to be taken in its use].

Students on the professional ITE programme are also recommended to consider purchasing:

Carnell, E. & Lodge, C. (2002) Supporting Effective Learning. London, Paul Chapman Publishing.

Matheson, D. (Ed.) (2008) An Introduction to the Study of Education, London, David Fulton. [This book is not as comprehensive in its coverage as Bartlett and Burton, but does address the differences between the English and Scottish education systems].

Meighan, R. & Harber, C., Barton, L. & Siraj-Blatchford, I. (2007) A Sociology of Educating (5th Ed.), London, Continuum International Publishing. [Very readable, containing useful background sections on the social factors that impact on education. It is a bit out of date in places (e.g. the section on the media does not address the world wide web].

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