Proposal Review

Once your proposal has been submitted to the funder, it goes through an element of review by academic peers.  This process is also called Peer Review by RCUK.  Watch this video from the Arts and Humanities Research Council to understand more.

It is this review from which the decision for funding is made.  

Becoming a peer reviewer is a useful connection to have and provides you with the opportunity to see the intricate workings of the funding process from the perspective of your main funder.  This can provide insight into the future ambitions, directions and considerations of the funding organisation.

How do i get involved?

Each funder runs their review process differently, so it is work familiarising yourself with their processes.  It is also work familiarising yourself with the peer review process when you are applying for funding, as you can identify what the reviewer is looking for and tailor your application appropriately.

Responding to reviewers' comments

As part of the review process you may receive feedback from your reviewers and have the opportunity to respond.  It is important to read the comments carefully and objectively to ensure that you have clearly understood the reviewer's concerns.  A good response can make a difference when your application is considered by the review panel.  Use a calm, measured tone and address the issues raised by the reviewers concisely.  Enlist help from your colleagues who have experience with your funder and also from the Research Funding & Development Team.

Mock Interviews

Interviews may form part of some application processes.  If you are invited to an interview with a funding panel contact the Research Funding & Development Team who will be able to arrange a mock interview panel to help you prepare.

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