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Chromosome evolution in african cichlid fish: Contributions from the physical mapping of repeated DNAs

Ferreira IA, Poletto AB, Kocher TD, Mota-Velasco JC, Penman D & Martins C (2010) Chromosome evolution in african cichlid fish: Contributions from the physical mapping of repeated DNAs, Cytogenetic and Genome Research, 129 (4), pp. 314-322.

Cichlid fishes have been the subject of increasing scientific interest because of their rapid adaptive radiation that has led to extensive ecological diversity and because of their enormous importance to tropical and subtropical aquaculture. To further understanding of chromosome evolution among cichlid species, we have comparatively mapped the SATA satellite DNA, the transposable element ROn-1, and repeated sequences in the bacterial artificial chromosome clone BAC-C4E09 on the chromosomes of a range of African species of Cichlidae, using fluorescence in situ hybridization. The SATA satellite DNA was mapped in almost all the centromeres of all tilapiine and haplochromine species studied. The maintenance and centromeric distribution of the SATA satellite DNA in African cichlids suggest that this sequence plays an important role in the organization and function of the centromere in these species. Furthermore, analysis of SATA element distribution clarifies that chromosome fusions occurred independently in Oreochromis and Tilapia genera, and led to the reduced chromosome number detected in O. karongae and T. mariae. The comparative chromosome mapping of the ROn-1 SINE-like element and BAC-C4E09 shows that the repeated sequences have been maintained among tilapiine, haplochromine and hemichromine fishes and has demonstrated the homology of the largest chromosomes among these groups. Furthermore, the mapping of ROn-1 suggested that different chromosomal rearrangements could have occurred in the origin of the largest chromosome pairs of tilapiines and non-tilapiines.

Chromosomal rearrangements; Cichlidae; Genome evolution; Molecular cytogenetics

AuthorsFerreira Irani Alves, Poletto Andreia B, Kocher Thomas D, Mota-Velasco Jose C, Penman David, Martins Cesar
Publication date2010
ISSN 1424-8581

Cytogenetic and Genome Research: Volume 129, Issue 4 (2010)

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